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Car Hire In Glasgow, Scotland
Car Hire Tips by Doug Smith

A Scotland car hire can be a nerve-wracking experience, or it can be a way for you to tour beautiful Scottish highlands, cities, and villages in style and comfort.

First, you must understand that, unlike America, Scotland and all of Europe developed their road system centuries before the car was ever invented.

Second, understand that you will encounter good and bad drivers anywhere in the world. This is true even if you hire a car in Glasgow or are leaving your own driveway. Enjoy these tips about car hires in Scotland.

So you want to do a car hire Glasgow style? You're headed for the land where Scotch Whiskey was born!

Being of Scots-Irish lineage, I don't know as much about one of my ancestral lands as I should. Oh, I mean beyond the whole Braveheart phenomenon. Somehow I think that this applies to most of us.

Yet you are thinking of driving in Scotland, and that's a fun proposition. There are characteristically narrow roads in the highlands that plague most of Europe, but that's half the fun, right?

Europeans weren't blessed with a slow encroachment of a mass of land just after the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Therefore there was no city planning. By the time trains carried the world on their tracks, Europe was already filled with ancient villas and cities. Americans are so lucky.

Another aspect to driving in Scotland is sanity. I have lived or been in every quarter of the world and seen how people everywhere drive. People in India, the Philippine Islands, Italy, and the Commonwealth State of Virginia, all as an example, definitely do not know the first thing about sane or safe driving.

In most places in the world, courtesy like using turn signals is a sign of weakness.

The only people that can definitely drive safely and well are the Dutch. Those people give driving a great name. Next on the list would probably be the Scots.

They are not as concerned about cyclists and pedestrians as are the Dutch, but it's certainly close. Your car hire from Scotland is certainly an exercise in intelligence.

With a car hire in Scotland there are many options and few pitfalls. British sensibility sweeps through most areas in Scottish life and driving and car hire in Scotland are no exceptions.

You can easily find many different models, from all around the world, including many fuel-efficient cars that have yet to be seen much in the United States.

Another great option is the diesel driven engine. These are very common in Scotland (and Europe as a whole, with 36% of all new car registrations being diesel according to the Bosch Archives).

A note on diesel for a moment, especially if you plan to inquire further into car hire Scotland. Diesel engines were to be good for the environment. Eventually the original hemp-based fuel designed for the engine was abandoned for synthetic diesel fuel. This fuel is usually 20 cents cheaper per liter (you'll save a lot of money with diesel fuel).

So consider diesel, or go with what feels right. The Scots are a friendly people, but they tend to speak quickly. Get online and reserve a car hire Scotland, for a great time touring a wonderful country.

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